Welcome to my personal and professional website.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computing and Software Systems Division of the STEM School at the University of Washington, Bothell. I teach and do research on software engineering, software design, and designing in general.  My teaching and research is informed by my 19 years as a practicing software developer, manager, and agile coach.

My research is about how people collaborate in naturalistic contexts to design and evolve highly complex systems. My collaborate in the wild studies software developers collaborating on their actual work in their actual place of work; in February 2014 this research led to me gather the BeamCoffer dataset, a large, multi-modal, multi-stream dataset of videos, photos, etc. from BeamCoffer, a pseudonym for a software development organization in the Seattle, WA area. Working with the BeamCoffer dataset led my research group and colleagues to realize that such datasets enable new types of research, which we are exploring under the term of wide-field ethnography.

My second area of research is on designing, which is another aspect of collaboration.

I am the organizing committee for the 9th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering (CHASE 2016).


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