Liberating Structures

I attended a fascinating session yesterday: Feet on the Ground, Shooting for the Moon, Design Thinking, Positive Deviance & Liberating Structures in Action by Keith McCandless, Mary Katica & Molly Angel.

I was impressed. Liberating Structures feels very powerful, inclusive and effective. They have documented impressive results. After being led through three of their exercises, I noticed that they felt lighter weight, more human and more authentic than many of the processes I have experienced. I could sense some of the power that the presenters talked about. Keith spoke of how quickly Liberating Structures can be taught and can spread in organizations. After a 3-day workshop (see schedule here) and 2 days of open-ended consulting (to contextualize and localize the practices), the practices persist without the need to continually engage consultants. Some of the people there with a lot of experience in Lean, talked about how the change from Liberating Structures is more effective and persistent than practices like Lean. Very interesting. I will be looking into this.

The Social Invention Group’s website has a variety of papers on Liberating Structures. Here is a grid illustrating the Liberating Structures (from

Thank you, Organization Systems Renewal program at Seattle University, for hosting workshops like this.

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In autumn 2010 after spending 19 years working in a variety of software organizations as a programmer, architect, manager, teacher, ScrumMaster, product designer, change agent, and agile coach, I finally listened to what everyone had been telling me I should be doing and joined the University of Washington Bothell as an Assistant Professor in Computing & Software Systems. My interests are how to create and maintain great teams, particularly those in software development organizations. I am most interested in distinctions that dramatically increase the effectiveness of teams, such as systems thinking, design thinking, biomimicry, and human centered design. I am a pragmatist, a collaborator, and an optimist.
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