Envisioning My Future – Day 3

Here is  day 3’s results after having slept on the VizBot feedback from day 2:

Yesterday was unexpectedly completely filled with other activities, so I did not get to my visioning exercise, even though I thought about it many times during the day.

Today, I was much more intentional when arranging these images. I moved the images around and made subtle adjustments to connect portions of images with portions of other images. The boat image is still problematic to me. I do not know what that boat represents, yet I still felt compelled to leave it there overlapping the swirling images.

The swirling system of fish feels like the most important image in the arrangement, the central place where the work is being done by a multitude of people buffeted by the convergence and divergence swirls. I changed the pencils to be rocket engines whose colored exhaust is propelling that system of fish, which in turn propels me up the slope as before. This time, the destination is the reflective hands representing peace, thankfulness, spirituality, and wisdom.

I intentionally placed the hands off the upper right corner of the mat in order to represent that there is much more value beyond what is in this arrangement of images. I wanted to be clear that the story I’m writing is limited and doesn’t encompass everything. And that it connects to something much bigger beyond.

I placed the window washing image below the crouching me in order to show that there still is solo work that I will do as part of this journey. This solo work is connected to the reflective hands. Doing this solo work also will produce value that will flow in and help complete my tenure.

The connection of the tenure image to the pencils represents that tenure is a tool that will help me get some things done once I get it. And perhaps even to the process of getting it. Regardless about whether I value the system of tenure itself.

When I was doing this arrangement, I initially had placed the tenure photo slightly further down so that it did not touch any other image. It felt like I was pushing it away. That did not feel right, so I moved it up slightly to overlap with the pencils and window washing images. Still, the tenure photo that had been part of the central storyline in the prior 2 arrangements is now loosely connected to the tools and to me.

I intentionally offset the pencils from the swirling fish image to represent that not all of my skills are dedicated to getting tenure. Or perhaps that I don’t yet know how to use all my skills for that purpose. I do not want to dedicate my whole life to getting tenure, or to my job. Some of my skills are for other aspects of my life. As I look at this arrangement I notice that the pencils connected to the fish image match the colors of the fish. The greenish pencils do not go into the fish image. Do these green pencils represent the other things I do to sustain myself? For my own sanity I certainly need to make sure that this work does not consume my whole life. I need to have space for my family. I need to have space for my exercise. I need to have space for my reflection and to nurture my spirit.

Once again, I set my reflections to VizBot, who replied:

VizBot just makes suggestions. David makes meaning out of experience 🙂

What happens if you put the picture you identify as tenure in the center? Is there a another story you might tell?

I read this, and put it aside for the next day’ work. To see whether I found another story, take a look at day 4.

About davidsocha

In autumn 2010 after spending 19 years working in a variety of software organizations as a programmer, architect, manager, teacher, ScrumMaster, product designer, change agent, and agile coach, I finally listened to what everyone had been telling me I should be doing and joined the University of Washington Bothell as an Assistant Professor in Computing & Software Systems. My interests are how to create and maintain great teams, particularly those in software development organizations. I am most interested in distinctions that dramatically increase the effectiveness of teams, such as systems thinking, design thinking, biomimicry, and human centered design. I am a pragmatist, a collaborator, and an optimist.
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