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In autumn 2010 after spending 19 years working in a variety of software organizations as a programmer, architect, manager, teacher, ScrumMaster, product designer, change agent, and agile coach, I finally listened to what everyone had been telling me I should be doing and joined the University of Washington Bothell as an Assistant Professor in Computing & Software Systems. My interests are how to create and maintain great teams, particularly those in software development organizations. I am most interested in distinctions that dramatically increase the effectiveness of teams, such as systems thinking, design thinking, biomimicry, and human centered design. I am a pragmatist, a collaborator, and an optimist.


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Wide Field Ethnography 1, Research Workshop

Wide Field Ethnography 1 Research workshop, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada. October 21–24, 2015 Overview This was the first workshop on wide field ethnography, involving the analysis of large qualitative datasets collected in settings of human activity (such as … Continue reading

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My NSF CAREER proposal

For those who are interested, here is my NSF CAREER proposal that I submitted on July 21, 2013 to the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) program in the Directorate for Computers & Information Science & Engineering (CISE). Briefly, my proposal is to advance our … Continue reading

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Warm, ripe nectarine

Take one ripe nectarine Place on dash of car Park car in warm sunlight for three hours, with windows closed Eat sun warmed, ripe nectarine OMG!

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Evolving a Core Protocols Card Game

Last week Jeremy Lightsmith invited some people to play and evolve a Core Protocols card game. This game was conceived in March, 2012 when Jeremy participated in the McCarthy Technologies BootCamp, a 3.5 day experiential workshop on creating great teams. … Continue reading

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Envisioning My Future – Day 5

On this, day 5 of my envisioning exercise, I was still comforted from my arrangement and reflections from day 4. I also was excited, and somewhat reluctant, to start the last day of this process. Following VizBot’s advice, I read over … Continue reading

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Envisioning My Future – Day 4

It was exciting to continue from day 3 of my envisioning process. Once again, I took the same subset of images I had selected on the first day and rearrange them on the same background. I like using this blue … Continue reading

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Envisioning My Future – Day 3

Here is  day 3’s results after having slept on the VizBot feedback from day 2: Yesterday was unexpectedly completely filled with other activities, so I did not get to my visioning exercise, even though I thought about it many times … Continue reading

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Envisioning My Future – Day 2

After having slept on the questions from VizBot regarding the arrangements on day 1, I began the process for day 2. Here is my write up from day 2: Dear VizBot, Thank you for your responses. It is remarkable how … Continue reading

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Envisioning My Future – Day 1

I was intrigued when I read Skip Walter‘s blog entries on using VisualsSpeak’s Exploring New Options pack of images. He used the images to explore his question of “What is the future I want to create for myself for this … Continue reading

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