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Build Your Own Agile Modeling Process

At the Scrum Gathering in Seattle in May, I was quite taken by Adam Weisbart’s open space session on his simple “Build Your Own Scrum” exercise. I had not intended to join his session, until I wandered by near the … Continue reading

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Another test of team whiteboards

A couple of weeks ago I was grading papers in the beautiful “vista” portion of our hallway here: It’s a lovely place to sit and work. The light is great, and my eyes can scan over the seasonal changes in … Continue reading

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Yet more on whiteboards in class

This morning I bumped into Diane Gillepsie. Diane is a veteran teacher and professor here at UW Bothell, and the 2010 Winner of the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award. I’ve had the pleasure of talking her a few times, … Continue reading

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More on whiteboards in class

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how whiteboards rock in the class I’m teaching on Analysis and Design. Things have progressed since then. The first step started from a conversation in the “vista” portion of our hallway where … Continue reading

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Whiteboards rock

I love whiteboards. When I worked at the Grameen Foundation in 2009, Mary Hausladen and I installed 4 sheets of melamine board to create a 16-foot wide 8-foot tall wall of white boards next to our cubes. Here is a … Continue reading

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What Teaching Is All About

This story is about a defining moment in my new career as a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Washington Bothell. It starts in September, three months ago. Jeff McKenna was coming into town to take a two-day workshop … Continue reading

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Humbled by Green Cement

I enjoy learning about ideas that solve important problems in elegant ways. Especially when the solution solves a multitude of problems, and reduces negative effects overall. Thus, I was inspired by the story that Dr. Brent Constantz told at the … Continue reading

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